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Thank you for taking time to learn more about us. Antioch has some distinctions worth considering:

  • We Worship Together. In a society that values age-segregated activity and needs-oriented groups and programs, we've chosen to worship together, young and old, allowing the generations to interact in family integrated services and activities. Keeping families together is a good thing. It helps build a stronger more stable community. We enjoy children in church with us. We're bringing families back together at church.

We have a comfortable nursery room for mothers who wish to tend to their children's needs. However, we encourage having mothers and their young children with us in the service. Their "fussing" is part of family life together. We view their learning to sit quietly with us as a blessing. At any given service we have many children in various stages of development (fussing!) among us.

  • We Enjoy Being Together. We value relationships and take time to build them. Therefore our services are less formal leaving time for testimonies, sharing needs, prayer, an abundance of singing, and preaching from God's word. We're building a community of believers that cares well for and serves others by building trust and genuine love one to another.

You'll worship among young, middle-aged and older individuals and families who come to church without the pressure of the clock or an orientation toward performance. Before and after services you'll find people engaged in friendly conversations. We enjoy meals and snacks together after our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services. Feel free to join in.

  • We Believe Together. Our theological leaning is Baptist. However, we are non-denominational, unregistered and quite different from most baptist churches with which you might be familiar. We are different intentionally. Free of church boards and committees, as well as financial pressures and politics, we value being unified and genuinely Christian.

Truth be told, we’re real people, with real problems, seeking real progress spiritually by becoming more hospitable, humble, and hungry to meet with and become like the living and true God, the Lord Jesus Christ. We're hungry to manifest a lively hope in Christ. Every one of us is a work in progress. People are hurting and we want to help.

If you’d like to visit, our meeting times are:

  • Sunday 10am – Family Instruction. This 50-minute teaching time is oriented toward family life, marriage, raising children, and other related issues. It's Sunday School for the whole family.

  • Sunday 11:00am – Prayer, Praise, Preaching. We enjoy testimonies, sharing needs, prayer, congregational hymn singing, and preaching. This service is about two hours.

  • Wednesday 7:00pm. Prayer, praise and instruction from the word of God, and a healthy dose of mid-week fellowship and encouragement. We finish at 8:30 with food and snacks.

  • Activities. You can view many of our other activities, bible studies and events here.

We pray your visit will discover a friendly welcome and sincere assembly of believers in love with Jesus and each other, who are earnest in edifying and equipping believers, the evangelism of the souls of men, and in everything, at all times, the glory of God. We look forward to meeting you, and hope that Antioch will be a church you can truly call home. Thank you!

Pastor Steven Pawley